It’s time to Strip.

Reusable Cleansing Wipes

2-sided, sustainable, washable microfiber cloths, plus washbag

Remove makeup with just water! These luxuriously soft, double-sided microfiber wipes erase all traces of stubborn makeup with no pulling or tugging. Perfect for getting makeup off sensitive areas, such as around the eyes, or the mouth. Can be used alone, or paired with your favorite STRIP cleanser to lock in more of those STRIP skincare benefits.
Whipped Strip
Whipped Coconut Makeup Remover

Microbiome Replenishing Cleanser

This barrier replenishing cleanser does wonders for your skin. Formulated to support healthy skin function and promote overall skin health, our Whipped Coconut Makeup Remover is the most nutrient dense cleanser ever made. Hydrate, balance pH, restore fatty acids, and strengthen your skin barrier all while melting away dirt, makeup and impurities. CLEAN. VEGAN. CLINICALLY TESTED. Net Weight - 3.4 fl oz. ; 100ml*Last approximately 2 months with daily use
Cotton Wipes
Premium Cotton Cleansing Wipes

Unbleached, untreated, 100% cotton

Our 100% biodegradable Cotton Cleansing Wipes are unbleached, untreated and unbeatable. Designed to do everything you can do with a cotton wipes, cotton round, or cotton ball, these wipes are staple in any makeup and skincare routine. Use them to apply product, wipe it off, or anything in between. They are strong and soft, and won’t leave behind any lint or residue.
Caviar Swatch
Caviar Jelly Makeup Remover

Anti-aging Cleanser

The first ever cleanser with clinically proven anti-aging benefits. Designed with biphasic, microfluidic technology developed at Harvard, our Caviar Jelly Makeup Remover is formulated to reduce all visible signs of aging. Hydrate, balance pH, restore elasticity and reduce fine-lines all while melting away dirt, makeup and impurities. CLEAN. VEGAN. CLINICALLY TESTED. Pro Tip - For heavy waterproof eye makeup, best paired with STRIP reusable cleansing wipes. Net Weight - 3.4 fl oz. ; 100ml