FAQS & Facts


With more and more daily makeup users, how to properly remove makeup, and with what product has become increasingly more important. From your eye makeup, lip makeup, and general face makeup, using the right facial cleanser is SO important. You might have the most natural makeup product, or the most dermatologist recommended, skincare, but if you are using the wrong makeup remover, that might not even matter! Here are some facts and tips about why you should always remove your makeup, the best way to do so, and what happens if you don’t! Pre-Soaked Makeup Remover wipes, Micellar water, Witch Hazel, and other commonly touted products can really dry out and damage your skin. 


  • When you forget to wash your face at night, you run the chances of letting bacteria and particles from your makeup (mascara and eyeliner, especially) seep into your pores and eyes, which can lead to irritation, discomfort, and potential infections.
  • When you don’t remove your makeup or do it properly, you are more likely to break out, your lashes can thin, your lips can become dry, hair follicles can become clogged, and your skin may age faster.
  • Did you know 80% of women forget to remove their makeup at least once a week? So you’re not alone, but let's change that!  
  • Did you know you should let your cleanser sit on your skin for about 10 seconds before you start washing?
  • Switching between multiple products keeps your skin guessing and helps mix up your routine to better remember this crucial skincare step.
  • You should wash your face twice daily. 
  • Many people believe you only have to wash your face to remove makeup. Not true. If you are racing through your cleansing routine it won’t work. You need to be cleansing for at least 60 seconds. The first 30 seconds not much happens, but right after, you start to feel the little balls of dirt and grime pull off your face. 
  • 'Micellar waters can be bad news for people with congested skin that's prone to breakouts. This is because the ingredients used in micellar waters leave a surface residue on the skin which can act like a film, blocking pores and disrupting oil production.
  • You shouldn’t use pre-soaked wipes like Neutrogena: They are formulated to break down makeup. Your face might look makeup free when you're done, but these wipes don't actually cleanse your skin and tend to leave behind a residue that isn't doing your skin any favors. 
  • Even “safe for eye” makeup removers can be scary! Always recommend a great reusable microfiber wipe with just water to remove heavy eye makeup. No one likes to get product in their eyes!