Premium Cotton Cleansing Wipes


Premium Cotton Cleansing Wipes

Unbleached, untreated, 100% cotton

Product description

Our 100% biodegradable Cotton Cleansing Wipes are unbleached, untreated and unbeatable. Designed to do everything you can do with a cotton wipes, cotton round, or cotton ball, these wipes are staple in any makeup and skincare routine. Use them to apply product, wipe it off, or anything in between. They are strong and soft, and won’t leave behind any lint or residue.

Designed to leave zero trace of makeup, lint or residue, while maximizing effectiveness.

How to Use

This skincare-grade wonder smells addictively dreamy and feels lusciously cloud-like. Use fingertips to scoop out and slather on for a self-love moment that needs a Do Not Disturb sign.

Massage this oil-based cream into skin to melt away dirt, oil and makeup that leaves a post-Strip glow you’d only expect from skincare. Add water to emulsify oil and massage again.

Rinse with lukewarm water or wipe off with a Strip makeover removal cloth to capture that stunningly silky, radiant, juicy afterglow. Pro tip: For heavy eye makeup, use the Strip Reusable wipes with just water to ensure you don’t get product in your eyes.

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