Clean Beauty: A Transatlantic Tale

In the ever-evolving world of beauty, the "clean" beauty trend has taken center stage. But what is clean beauty, and how does it differ from conventional products? Join us as we unravel the clean beauty phenomenon, including the disparities between American and EU standards.


Clean beauty, at its essence, champions the use of non-toxic ingredients—a universal aspiration. Its mission is simple: create products that nurture both the user and the environment while eschewing harmful substances. Yet, a standard definition of "clean" remains elusive in the beauty realm, especially in the United States, where the FDA lacks specific regulations. This vacuum has led to confusion and greenwashing, where brands tout themselves as "clean" without adhering to any established guidelines.


In contrast, the European Union boasts stringent cosmetics regulations. Over 1,300 potentially harmful chemicals are banned from EU beauty products, a stark contrast to the meager 11 banned in the US. Consequently, products deemed "clean" in the US may still harbor ingredients outlawed in the EU.


To assist consumers in navigating this clean beauty labyrinth, brands like Sephora have initiated clean programs. Qualifying products adhere to rigorous safety and sustainability criteria, abstaining from sulfates, parabens, and phthalates, among other offenders.


So, beauty aficionados, what's the verdict on "clean" claims? The key is to scrutinize a brand's standards for cleanliness. The best brands proudly display their avoidance of harmful ingredients, particularly if they align with the uncompromising EU standards. Educate yourself and prioritize clean beauty whenever possible.


It's worth noting that some US-based clean beauty brands have chosen to align with EU standards, pledging allegiance to non-toxic ingredients despite not being legally obligated to do so.


While the concept of "clean" beauty continues to evolve, disparities between American and EU standards persist. If you cherish what touches your skin, conduct thorough research and seek out brands that follow the stricter EU guidelines. By embracing clean beauty, you not only care for your skin but also foster a greener, more eco-conscious beauty industry. And amidst this journey, don't forget to experience the pristine allure of STRIP's Whipped Coconut Makeup Remover, a truly clean gem free from 1,400 EU-banned ingredients and other potential irritants.