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Skin Hyperpigmentation Serums & Creams: What To Look For & Treatments

If you experience hyperpigmentation, which occurs when patches of skin change color and darken, you may want to look for the perfect treatment to help get rid of this problem. In addition to treating hyperpigmentation, the right product might benefit your skin in other ways, depending on the formula used.

To help you find the best serum for hyperpigmentation, let’s look at some of the many products out there you can use to treat this condition and why they might work for you.

How to Find the Best Products for Hyperpigmentation

There are plenty of skincare products out there that can help treat hyperpigmentation and get your skin looking its best. They work in one of two ways, either slowing down pigment transfer in surrounding cells known as keratinocytes or reducing pigment production in the problem area by limiting cells called melanocytes.

Typically, these products contain one or more three key ingredients that help balance skin tone, including:

  • Retinoids — Many retinoids help treat hyperpigmentation, including adapalene, tretinoin, and tazarotene.
  • Azelaic acid — This chemical has the ability to help reduce melanin production to treat hyperpigmentation, although it’s most commonly used to help treat acne. However, keep in mind that this ingredient acts slowly and may take a long time to get results.
  • Hydroquinone — This chemical also helps to lighten dark patches in the skin. Using it in combination with vitamin C and ascorbic acid can help prevent the itching and redness that might otherwise develop with hydroquinone.

Other key ingredients to look for in treatments for hyperpigmentation include kojic acid, liquorice extract, alpha hydroxy acids, tranexamic acid, retinol, and niacinamide. 

Factors to Look for in a Serum for Hyperpigmentation

Whether you’re looking for a cream for hyperpigmentation or another product containing hyperpigmentation serum, there are several ways to find what you’re looking for based on your individual needs.

Some of these deciding factors can include:

  • Ingredients — Know the ingredients in the product you’re considering buying. Specifically, look for the active ingredients such as retinoids and acids that help reduce pigmentation along with other ingredients. Some, you may find, might not be ideal for your skin type. For example, you may want to avoid oily products if you have oily skin, while others may be bad for dry skin.
  • Price — Think about how much you want to spend on your hyperpigmentation serum and consider how long the treatment may take depending on the severity of the issue. There are plenty of products out there that can stay within your budget restrictions.
  • Reputability — Look for hyperpigmentation treatments that are known for their reliability. Turn to brands that have built a reputation in the industry for their quality and look at reviews from current and past customers to see what their experiences have been.

Taking all necessary aspects into consideration when selecting skin products will help you pin down the right treatment for hyperpigmentation. You can also speak with a professional such as a dermatologist to further help with your selection.

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