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What does all natural and clean really mean in beauty?

What does all natural and clean really mean in beauty?

Consumers are often mislead or just misinformed when it comes to what Clean Beauty means. You may have heard of the recent lawsuit filed against Sephora, a company that has been leading the charge on clean standards in the beauty industry. That complainant states that consumers understand ‘clean’ in the context of cosmetics to be free from synthetic chemicals and ingredients that could be harmful to the user or environment and a ‘significant percentage of products’ sold under the Clean at Sephora program contain ingredients inconsistent with this understanding. We personally believe that more education is needed for the consumer to understand what they are putting on their face, and great resources that are easy to find. 

A good resource we always recommend is to see how clean each ingredient you are using really is. Europe has been very strict over recent years with their clean beauty standards. THey have banned over 1400 ingredients, and hold products to a higher standard whether that is your moisturizer, face serum or makeup remover. Keep this in mind as you are shopping your holiday wish list this season, as what you put on your face really matters! 

Let’s Talk Trash - The Harmful effects of most wipes on the environment 

The makeup wipe started as a wonderful quick step to remove your makeup quickly, and is part of the reason most people don’t take off their makeup properly or completely. They became a convenient companion, easy, and on-the-go solution. Makeup wipes are easy to like, but don’t have much to offer. 

Most Makeup wipes are pre-soaked towelettes that give you a fast clean, but most conventional makeup wipes aren’t good for your skin or the environment. Firstly, most wipes don’t actually cleanse your skin, they just usually move around most of the dirt or makeup, and typically clog your pores even more - instead of lifting and rinsing them away. To add to that, the chemicals and fragrances in most pre-moistened wipes can actually be harmful to your skin. Imagine for a second what is actually in these for them to be made, arrive to stores, and get to you still wet and ready to go. 

Most wipes are not recyclable. This includes all wipes, and consider how many different wipes are out there: Makeup Removal Wipes, Baby Wipes, Household Cleaning wipes - the list goes on! The average makeup wipe takes a whopping 100 years to decompose. While it’s tempting to swipe off makeup then toss away without a second thought, that waste adds up very fast. 

We understand makeup wipes are easy and you may not be ready to part ways with them yet. Just keep in mind that there are alternatives like reusable cleansing wipes, eco-friendly dry wipes, and other plant based options that are much better for your skin and the environment. Earth friendly, skin friendly is the motto. 

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