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That headband is more than cute…literally. Banish the hairline breakout, but make it fashion: the STRIP headband is so much more than cute.

More than adorable: your headband is skincare.

I happen to know that your chic STRIP headband is doing your skin all kinds of favors. This is a story of an ancient rivalry: hair and skin. ALT: …story of an ancient battle between hair and skin. ALT…story of an odd couple: hair and skin. Let me put my hair up so we can get down and dirty on how that headband is keeping this fight clean.

The most obvious help your headband provides is it keeps your hair out of your face when it is time to strip down to your nudie, dewy skin. Naturally, the 100% cotton band and the up-do also keeps your locks dry. But along with getting your hair out of the way while keeping your ‘do just so for the near future selfie, the headband also keeps your scalp oil and hair products from melting off your hair where they belong and onto your face.

Think of skin like the persnickety chemist who likes to keep things like ‘PH levels’ perfectly balanced or they have a full freak out. And think of hair products and scalp oil as a gelatinous monster crashing skin’s party; they’re gross, they’re sloppy, and clearly drunk. Why are skin and hair neighbors, you ask? Nature got jokes.

Most hair products are not suited to the skin, especially not our sensitive faces. Some hair products are not meant for skin at all, where these products like alcohol, polymers, fragrance, and propellants are ‘ok’ to be used on your tresses, but not directly on the skin or the scalp. Taming hair and making skin happy are two very different worlds of products since your hair is actually made of dead protein strands, and your skin is your largest organ. They have almost nothing in common, beyond your love.

Aw, that got cute at the end,

Kat D.

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