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Hairline headband breakouts got you down? Put that hair up while you cleanse | STRIP

Makeup removing SHOULDS and SHOULD NOTS

  • Makeup removing should: leave your skin better
  • Makeup remover should be a skin-nourishing treat
  • Makeup remover should leave your skin clean
  • Makeup remover should be made of luxury active ingredients Because makeup remover should be the first step of skincare
  • Makeup remover should not leave your skin *squeaky* clean
  • Makeup remover should not strip your skin of healthy oils
  • Makeup remover should not leave your skin tight, dry, splotchy, swollen, bumpy, or red
  • Makeup remover SHOULD NEVER BURN or have a tingly or prickly feeling.
  • But most of all, makeup remover should NOT Just be a makeup remover – it should also leave your skin nourished and replenished.

Notes: I can’t tell if the title is just fine or I hate it. Feelings?

The Best Water-Based Eye Makeup Remover: The STRIP Reusable Cleansing Wipes, just add water.

Just Add Water: The STRIP Reusable Cleansing Wipes

Anyone who has accidentally gotten a little (or a lot) of eye makeup remover in their eyes and then had to spend the next day casually declaring to strangers in a totallllllly chill way, “IT’S NOT PINK EYE,” knows that makeup remover is the least eye-friendly liquid on the planet.

While some products are “eye-safe” they contain unnecessary irritants that are making their way into your eyes. Worse, some soaps and cleansers even contain ingredients that could blind you if used in, or too near, the eyes. This safety warning goes double if you wear corrective contact lenses which increases the risk from ‘minor to moderate eye tissue damage and irritation’ to ‘potential eye apocalypse and permanent blindness.’

Just add warm water and allow the attractant microfibers of our Reusable Cleansing Wipes to cling to your makeup and swipe away the most stubborn of waterproof eyeliner or mascaras. Then give it a flip and cleanse the rest of that beautiful skin.

Trade the inevitable irritation and damage of eye makeup removers, for the microfibers of the STRIP Reusable Cleansing wipes and let them do their microscopic thing. You’ll need to keep that vision clear so you can enjoy your radiant reflection.

Spare your eyes, save the earth, share the love.

Your hippie sister of skin science,

Kat D.

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