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Knowledge is power: The rebel’s guide to makeup removal Makeup Removal Revolution

Let’s face it: we don’t know how to properly remove our makeup. Normally I am all about self-accountability and personal ownership, but I can’t help but feel like if we all don’t know the answer to this test question that this is the metaphorical teacher’s fault. But before I launch into a TED talk about the relationship of the patriarchy and medicine, let’s instead have ourselves a skincare revolution and properly remove our makeup after a hard day of rebellion. Knowledge is power, after all.

Using a gentle manual exfoliator like a natural or cellulose sponge and warm (but not hot) water, spread your makeup remover of choice all over your face and neck. Using small circles and a gentle pressure, melt away makeup by swirling the remover over your skin for 60 seconds or so. Rinse your sponge and swipe away all product until your naked skin is clean and glowy. The STRIP makeup removers work overtime where they let you swipe away the bad and leave behind the best of skincare ingredients.

Repeat this process twice a day. Start your morning by cleansing off the overnight bacterial and oil build-up before applying daily skincare, sunscreen and makeup. Repeat this process again at night to end your day by taking it all off. Indulge in a nightly skin routine that begins with the STRIP makeup removers. Doesn’t it feel good to strip down to your juicy, better-than-naked skin?

A word to the wise: We recommend leaving your cleanser on for a few deep meditative breaths or ‘10 Mississippis’ before diving in with your gentle exfoliator.

So don’t be quick and dirty about it, take a minute. Your makeup, sweat, and/or oils, and the cleanser need to do a dance of chemical attraction. Without the literal time for the product and makeup to bond with one another on a sexy/cellular level, you’re just smearing the weird alllll around, and that’s no way to microbiome.

Knowledge is power, and babe, power looks so good on you.

The world is ours,

Kat D.

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