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Emollients and Clean Beauty Don’t Mix

You’ve heard that oil and water don’t mix? That’s the job of an emulsifier. Emulsifiers are additives that combine water-based and oil-based ingredients so they stay evenly mixed in personal care products. But avoiding product separation is dirty business as emulsifiers are definitely not “clean beauty ingredients.” The best thing about the STRIP makeup removers may be what’s not in them: emulsifiers.

The Caviar Jelly Makeup Remover is a marvel of beauty science. The Caviar Jelly is biphasic – meaning there are two waves of active ingredients: a water-phase and an oil-phase. The water phase removes water-based makeup and sweat, where the oil phase takes off oil-based makeup and excessive sebum. This might remind you of micellar water, but better without gross ingredients.

Because the oil-phase caviar bubbles don’t activate until they burst on your skin, there is no need to include emulsifying ingredients. The little oil-phase bubbles stay encapsulated so the water and oil never need to mix in the jar.

What used to be a skin-damaging chore, becomes an act of skincare as self-care­–no emulsifiers necessary.

Clean ingredients forever,

Kat D.

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